Pearls in our hearts ~

this journey has been a long one

i am here to bring hope to you

where i have come and where i am now 

is indescribable



Sharing the pieces of my story

with you is what i can bring to you

the most important thing i have to share today


"Trust In God"

It has become my strong belief.

when life brings me disappointment

i say

"I Trust You, God"

when life does not make sense

i say

"I Trust You, God"

when i feel like giving up 

i say

"I Trust You, God"


one has to start somewhere in life ~

where do you start yours?

Begin today and say

"I Trust You, God"

~Just a few more words~
~These photos were taken by me from just around my neighborhood.~ 

Let's give God the Glory for he truly makes beautiful flowers beautiful.

Thank you Lord for beautiful flowers.


Blessings to all of you

From a friend in Christ Jesus, A Believer,

Yes, I trust in God.


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