Healthy Heart Friday ~~~ Saying no or yes to that cookie

Obeying ~

Obeying the Word of God to me is one way to keep the heart healthy.

Life is full of temptations and learning to recognize that we have the power to say no
to them, is not always easy.   Obedience is something we must practice daily, little by little we get better at it, whether it be eating healthier and saying no to one more cookie, or if it is saying no to unforgiveness, and saying yes to forgiveness.  Practice and more practice is what makes us stronger in making good decisions  in life. I believe life is always teaching us lessons. The lessons will keep appearing until mastered.

Eva ~

simple ways to be inspired

just look at a child

We are role models for our children ~

Let's practice obedience so they will learn well too 

Jesus replied, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.    Luke 11:28


  1. I love your header and this sweet post. JUST loved it …oxoxoxxo Blessings my sweet friend. Sherry

  2. I definitely need more practice saying "NO" to cookies! You're so right, the more we practice abstaining the healthier we will be.


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