A La Pottery Barn Secrets ?

Hi Everyone ~

Just wanted to share with you a couple things I have learned while working for Pottery Barn ~

~ Have you every noticed how fluffy and amazing the Pottery Barn duvets look in the store?

The secret ( well, not really a secret, just the information ) is that there are two comforters, not one,

inside the duvet. Yep, two!   Most people  put only one comforter inside the duvet because two 

really does make the duvet heavy and can make you hot, however, I have two in mine.   It does feel heavy, 

however, if you do not sleep with your duvet, it really does not affect you.  

The other thing about Pottery Barn comforters is that there are little strings in the inside of the duvet to tie

to the comforter so it does not move around inside the duvet.   So, if you want that full, fluffy feel and look,

think two rather than one comforter.  Then, make sure you tie that comforter to the duvet so it stays in place

Ta Da ~ The Pottery Barn Look 

This is the Hadley Duvet from Pottery Barn

This is the string inside the duvet ~

(See the string)

This is the "hook" on the comforter to attach the string to

(Tie the strings to the hook)

Make a pretty bow !

Have a peaceful sleep in your newly dressed bed

Matthew 11:28

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."


  1. Michelle! HELLO!!!!!!!! Good evening to you!

    I am so delighted to see your comment AND to see your duvet! I have had a featherbed and duvet for many years and I know how comfy they can be and also how much of a hassle they can be without those corner ties. Your room is LUSH and beautiful. The angels' wings are precious! God bless you my dear, and may the Lord always give you His sense of presence, always! Anita

  2. I love the angel wings! The duvet is very pretty. Not all comforter covers have that feature. That's handy! xoxo

  3. I love love your beautiful and love pottery barn :) thanks for the great tip !

  4. Looove the white bedding is pretty and the gold wings-looove all !!! Have a nice weekend!


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