Three C's





My challenge today is to find 3 gifts in the 3 words listed above.  

From Ann Voskamps "Count 1000 Gifts", one is to look for these.

I am feeling that the gift in challenge is simply accomplishment.

I actually did not want to tackle this task today of looking for this gift.

I was tempted to skip it, and then, I figured, why not try to look and

start blogging what came to mind.

By challenging myself to look for his gift, I am feeling a sense of accomplishment

that my day went by and I was able to see some gratefulness in just being able to do the task at hand.

~Now for conflict ~~~

I feel that I prefer peace and would rather keep peace than have conflict, but yet, conflict happens.

I am learning that through conflict, one is faced with the gift of truth.

 I struggled with depression after the birth

of my fourth child and this is where I feel I faced many personal 

conflicts simply within my mind.

The beauty is that God remained faithful during some of my most 

difficult times in my life.

I am beginning to see that challenges and conflict may go hand in 

hand because

my challenge and conflict were really quite related.

You see, at the time, when I was so depressed, despair was so 

overwhelming, and dread was there too.

I was convinced that "I had no life".

This was all a big fat lie that I was believing to be true in my life, in my mind.

I was challenged, I was at a conflict, of what to believe in my life.

It was simply all a matter of beginning to know what the "Truth" was.

The truth is that I do have life, life in Jesus, that my belief of having no life and repeating those 

words with such self pity, created a battle within myself.

I had to give up the self -pity, turn to God, look for Him to lead me and tell me the Truth about

myself and my life.

Hence, Freedom was born, freedom in Christ to live my life to the fullest with nothing 

now but pure joy and gratefulness.

~ Change ~

Hmm ~~ there again, the three C's.  Challenge, conflict, and change seem 

to me to be so closely related.

The gift I have found in change is gratefulness and gratitude.

My conflict and challenge of depression created a major change in my heart and mind.

I really was not appreciate of much in my life, or maybe, I was simply overlooking 

the small things in life, such as hearing a bird sing, watching one's children smile, 

tasting something good to eat, being able to simply see beauty in a cloud that is grey.

My change of depression grew into a joy  I never have experienced before.

To me, however, this was all due to Jesus.  He is truly there through every valley 

and storm.  Once one cries out to Him, he will help and answer every cry heard.

I cried out so much for Help from the LORD.

HE Saves, HE helps, HE heals, 


Have Faith.

Have Hope.


& Witness 

The Change




My Little Eva who is my 4th child

Eva's name means Life

I feel it is a miracle that  my husband and I choose the name

Eva for our daughter.

For after her birth, I felt I had no life, but yet, there was

a miracle from God, Eva, and her name, which means "Life"

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have
Eternal Life


  1. Nice post, as always sister!

    Challenge-Conflict-Change. I once read an article in which this researcher performed years of studying on successful people and how they became who they were and how they faced challenges, overcame conflict and dealt with change and after years of studying different individuals it all come down to one characteristic. She found that these individuals had a gift of compassion.

    love ya sis!

  2. Hi Gina ~~~ Compassion ~~ I would agree with that, such a beautiful virtue. Thanks for leaving such an insightful message and I love you too, Sis.

    God Bless You Gina~

  3. Thank you for sharing such a true and touching post about yourself. I to have struggled with depression. In my mind I would say what is the point of living, when all around me blessing flowed like milk and honey. I read 1000 gifts and truly gained so much from it. I should read it again. I'm so grateful to the Lord for his patience with me and how he reminds me of my worth in him. Have a blessed weekend! Jamie

  4. Hello Michele,
    thank you so very kindly for thinking of me with the blogging award.
    I am touched with your thoughts, but don't take part in the awards, as I love all my blogs that I follow...
    I am wishing you a Sunday full of Kindness Michele.
    Maria x

  5. So beautifully touching... especially Eva.


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