Choosing a prayerful, loving life ~

Bonjour ~~

Todays "count 1000 Gifts" is to select a gift in Fatih, Family, and Freedom.

My selections are as follows:

1. Faith ~~~ is prayer

2. Family ~~~ is love

3. Freedom ~~ is choices

After feeling that these were three gifts to me as seen in faith, family, and freedom, I felt that for me choosing to live a prayerful, loving life should be a goal of mine.  Reading again, this morning, from the book "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale, I feel God has revealed to me even more about the Power of Prayer.     Thank You Jesus for another inspirational day with You, for You, and from You.  I Love You and help me make right choices in my life that will hopefully glorify you God.  Amen.

Dear Jesus,

I pray for Eva, help her conquer her fears throughout her life~

Dear Jesus, I pray for Nathan, to let him dream and be all you want him to be,

Dear Jesus, I pray for Austin, to guide his gentle humble heart to become all you want him to be,

Dear Jesus, protect my baby girls wherever they go, and let them flourish into the beautiful peopleYou created them to be,

Dear Jesus, keep Kayla strong and full of courage to take the journey boldly that you have set before her,

Dear Jesus, set Austin straight along the path you have set before him, letting him walk safety beside you,

Dear Jesus, let Nathan continue to find joy wherever You may take him,

Dear Jesus, hold my littlest, Eva's, hand as she steps into a whole new world of her childhood letting her future be full of Your Light 

Thank You Jesus for helping us to be obedient to You and for forgiving us when we do not.



  1. Hi Michele , again a nice post ! I wish you again t never lose their faith in life and you're happy !
    Look for me there - I have a nice contribution from Czech churches photos are very beautiful !
    Greetings !

    1. Oh Thank You so much.

      May Blessing be bestowed upon you.


  2. Sweet, lovely post and beautiful children, Michele!

    1. Dear Revi~

      Thank you for your sweet words and May God's peace, love, and blessing be with you.


  3. What a beautiful prayer - all have their own looks and personalities. What a special post this is.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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